Neeraj Khare
Cheif Fire & Life Safety Expert

Neeraj is a passionate fire and life safety consultant who has completed and provided several consultancies to different occupiers following the National Building Code 2005/2016, relevant Indian Standards, and according to the occupancy criteria mentioned in the International Standard (NFPA).

He has a well-finished hand in operations in the field of Asset/property management field and lead the Fire & Life Safety department several times with full efficiency and competency.

He has performed the dedicated fire safety audit services in A-1, A-3, A-4, A-5, A-6 occupancy, B-2 occupancy, C-1 occupancy, D-6 occupancy, E-2 occupancy, G-2, and G-3 occupancy, Group H occupancy, and completed full-on experience of almost 16 years comprising audits and operational maintenance of firefighting system.

He believes #learning and #respect" two (2) are the most precious terms which we can "Give and Take."