Mohini Arora
Associate ESG Consultant

Mohini Arora is an Associate Consultant-ESG, she has helped build different corporate and businesses with their Environment, Social, Health, and especially the Government  Legal part.  Mohini has assisted EGSS as a Project Visionaire and helped the team with great keenness to achieve all the goals efficiently. She is an expert in the area of biodiversity and conservation, with an emphasis on ecology. Mohini has earned her post-graduate in M.Sc. Biodiversity & Conservation from a reputable University in New Delhi. She holds great experience in working with diverse subjects during her internships and dissertations under professional mentors and scientists. She was presented with the opportunity to explore the multiple facets of Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Use (AFOLU) projects along with the REDD+ and Tiger Reserve projects to calculate the carbon sequestration of the area. She was favored to learn about the Voluntary Carbon Market using the VERRA standards and methodologies. Not so surprisingly, she had supported the team in more than 10 major projects completing her right idea in a particular event to make it successful.