“Infrared thermography” is a process which senses infrared energy emitted from equipment, converts into temperature and gives the thermal image of the equipment. “Thermography” refers method of analyzing heat or thermo.


With the Thermography services we can detect the faulty locations/ Hotspot identification before happening, these thermography services in India are increasing day by day which results the positive output of increase in production.

An infrared survey can help keep small issues from becoming disasters. Repairing a loose connection– easily found with a thermographic scan – might cost less. If undetected, that same connection could result in a fire. That might mean injury, loss of life or damage that makes the whole building unfit for occupancy and shuts your business down.

Thermographic scans are a wise investment. Industry sources show that the monetary savings they produce can be 20 times as much as the initial cost of the survey. This does not include the potential losses due to damage associated with fire.

Plan your maintenance activities with more focused and appropriate ways based on the results of Thermographic scans.


Infrared thermography services are provided by using Infrared thermal imaging cameras. The thermal imaging camera has a special lens which detects infrared light (heat) emitted by all objects. This focused light is scanned by a phased array of infrared detector elements. Through thermal imaging inspection, we can detect the amount of heat generating inside the panel then we can analyze the problems that are creating a menace to the technicians without getting into contact with the actual system.

What EGSS has to say about thermography?

Operation does not need to shut down

Thermography should be a routine maintenance

Equipment that can be scanned:

  • Electrical switch gear, breakers, bus connections, and contacts
  • Transformer connections
  • Mechanical couplings on rotating equipment
  • Process piping and heat exchangers
  • Compressor heads
  • Motor and generator connections, windings, feeders and excitors
  • Bearings
  • Friction in drive gears and drive belts
  • Refractory systems (e.g., boilers, kilns, molten material containment)
  • Steam traps and piping insulation
  • Tank levels and insulation problems
  • Plumbing Thermography to identify any kind of underground leakages with highly sensitive thermal imaging cameras.


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