We work with you from the Commencement to the Conclusion of the project.

It’s vital to install fire safety equipment in your industrial, commercial or residential building to avoid the loss of lives, property, and business in the event of a fire. If you are looking for the best fire safety services, contact EGSS. We help you save your people, detect and fight the fire and prevent your production downtime. 


We work hand-in-hand with owners, architects, general contractors, and other trades to ensure that your fire protection, and/or suppression systems, are integrated within your facility in a manner that does not interfere with the aesthetics of construction, and other building components. We accomplish this through collaborative project management. Our work process is SITC:

We provide SITC for all fire related system:

Fire Detection System

Fire Suppression System

  • Manual Call Points

  • Smoke Detectors

  • Heat Detectors

  • Beam Detectors

  • Fire Alarm System

  • Fire Hydrant 

  • Hose-reel 

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Automatic Sprinkler System

  • And So on

Worried about the maintenance?  We've got it covered too.


An agreement with a service provider for maintenance, repair and support service of Fire & Life Safety system.

EGSS has dedicated team for  maintenance and support services for its clients. We provide legal maintenance contracts for Fire and Safety regulations to meet the needs of clients in different sectors. Our maintenance service ranges from annual maintenance contracts to maintenance service on daily basis, provide permanent work force at sites if required.

Maintenance Contract covers Fire Alarm System including Fire alarm control panel, initiating devices, notifying appliances and other auxiliary devices; Firefighting systems including firefighting pump set, fire hose reels, hydrants, etc. and portable fire extinguishers.

We provide both Comprehensive and Non-Comprehensive AMC for your Fire Safety System.

Comprehensive AMC
The analysis of breakdowns/faults in the hardware and repairing/service is taken care of by the service provider. This includes spare parts replacement. Apart from this, preventive maintenance is also done, on a pre-determined/agreed-to frequency.

Note: It excludes all physical mishandling or damages.

Non-Comprehensive AMC
This is similar to a Comprehensive AMC, but in this, the cost of spare parts replacement must be borne by the customer. This usually means only service. Preventive maintenance comes under this and a consultant will advise on hardware bread down.


Firstly, Used fire extinguisher, even partially, is useless in case of a subsequent fire scenario. Secondly, The statutory framework in the country makes it mandatory for the shell of the fire extinguisher to undergo Hydrostatic Pressure Test every 3 years

Hence it is essential to get the fire extinguisher recharged immediately, without any delay.

Our Services are performed as per legal requirements and standards:

  • IS 2190


With every Refilling request, we arrange thorough check as per IS 2190 and other standards and ensure that extinguishers are always in ready to use conditions. Along with refilling, we take comprehensive AMC exclusively for Fire Extinguisher so you don't miss any regular inspection and timely refilling. We also arrange:

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

  • Monthly/ Quarterly checks

  • Operational checks during drill

  • Placement of extinguishers as per fire load and risk


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