Fires can be devastating, especially in a hospital where a large number of people who need to be evacuated may be vulnerable – immuno compromised, on life support, and incapable of moving on their own. There are special requirements that must be met with while evacuating such people in case of fire emergencies. But before that – “fires must be prevented.

As per NBC,2016 it is a legal requirement for all hospitals to obtain No objection Certificate from the concerned fire department. With an annual renewal.

However, NABH has notified that in case Fire NOC is not available with the Hospital, the hospital must ensure.

Also, recently, Supreme court has stated "

              "The (dedicated COVID-19) hospitals which have not gone for the renewal for fire NOC should get it renewed within four weeks and action be taken if the renewal has not been obtained," the bench said, adding that "The hospitals which have not taken fire NOC should immediately go for it.

" It said that every state is obliged to appoint nodal officer to ensure that there is no repeat of fire incidents in hospitals which had taken place in Rajkot and Ahmedabad.

Obtain a Fire Safety Compliance Certificate from a reputable and credible third party agency, based on an in depth Fire Safety Audit of the hospital, by the agency. The Audit Report and Certificate will be submitted to NABH. On review of the assessment and fire safety audit reports, NABH may advise a verification visit to the hospital, wrt fire safety. This will be done on a case to case basis.

EGSS provides Third party Fire Safety Audit with actual observations, solutions and recommendation report. Complete follow-up and review. Followed by a certificate.

Our audit checklist is based on the requirement on NABH  and includes:


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