Fire NOC issued by the respective state fire service verifies that a building is resistant or unlikely to observe any fire related accidents. By meeting certain guidelines laid down by the fire department, an applicant can obtain NOC for his  any type of building covered under the criteria of Fire NOC.

Why do you need a FIRE NOC?

  • Legal Requirement

  • Ensure safety to life and property

  • Ensure appropriate fire fighting system

The no-objection certificate is issued by the Fire department after verifying and auditing the building's fire resistance and fire safety mechanism which should be at par with the fire safety standards and guidelines as stated by The Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS) and concerned state government respectively. After complete inspection when the fire department finds the safety mechanism meets the required standards, it issues the NOC (Non-Objection Certificate) for the commercial/residential building of the applicant.

The Fire Department NOC is issued by the respective states' fire service department which verifies and checks the building fire resistance or that the building can observe any fire-related accidents.

As per NBC, High-rise buildings having a height of more than 15 meters or multi-story buildings are required to obtain Fire NOC from Fire Service Department of their state. However, different states have their own regulations mandating Fire NOC for buildings.

Apart from this, according to NBC Part 4, buildings of the following categories are under obligation to observe fire and safety measures.

  •   Residential occupancy with part commercial usage (irrespective of height).

  •   Educational Buildings (Schools, University, Colleges, etc.).

  •   Assembly Buildings (Cinema Halls, Ceremonial Houses, etc).

  •   Business Buildings having offices.

  •   Institutional Buildings ( hospital, nursing home, etc).

  •   Mercantile Buildings (shops, warehouse, etc).

  •   Industrial Buildings.

  •   Hazardous Buildings.

EGSS facilitates your application for FIRE NOC, whether new or renewal of already existing. We perform all the required checks and preparations for our clients. From inception of this work till the Fire NOC in hand.

  • Document Check

  • Fire safety system check

  • Fire fighting professionals check

  • Application

  • Fire audit with State Fire Officer

  • Obtaining Fire NOC


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