As per NBC 2016, Fire load is defined as Calorific energy, of the whole contents contained in a space, including the facings of the walls, partitions, floors and ceilings.

Fire Load calculations leads us to the determination of requirement of fire safety system and safe storage of material within a specified space, in order to keep the occupants and property safe.

Fire load = Mass x Calorific value / Area

(Kcal per square meter)

We, at EGSS has team of experts to perform this analysis for you. Our reference standards are:

Our methodology:

  • Inventory Method

  • Weighted Method

  • Combination Method

Fire load calculations requires various inputs like:

  • Layout plan

  • Major compartments/blocks within the facility.

  • Inventory of materials

  • Situational and Seasonal Impacts on inventory

  • Site Observations


All buildings can be graded according to their fire hazard and are to be provided for with suitable fire precautions on the basis of the fire load. Hence, the grading of buildings according to both fire load and fire resistance can be made. 

Once the fire load calculations is completed, next step is Fire risk assessment.


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