In an emergency, the actions you take within the first few minutes will largely dictate the severity of consequences to follow. Unexpected situations can happen at any time, which means your company needs a plan of action in order to minimize damage and loss. Learn how to create an effective emergency response plan for your business today.

Purpose of emergency response plan is to:

  • Define and assess emergencies, including risk and environmental impact assessment.

  • Control and contain incidents

  • Safeguard employees and people in vicinity.

  • Minimize damage to property or / and the environment.

  • Inform authorities and mutual aid centers to come up for help

  • Secure the safe rehabilitation of affected areas and to restore normalcy

We, at EGSS can prepare requirement specific response plan for our clients. Our response plan cover both OFFSITE & ONSITE emergency impacts.

ONSITE:  An accident/incident that takes place in a factory, its effects are confined to the factory premises, involving only the persons working in the factory and the property inside the factory.

OFFSITE:  An accident is such that its affects inside the factory are uncontrollable and it may spread outside the factory premises,

How do we prepare an Emergency Response plan for you:


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