Arc Flash Study

An arc flash is a sudden release of heat and energy caused by an electric arc. The explosion is commonly triggered by equipment failure, sparks, corrosion, condensation, dust or other impurities on the surface of a conductor.Arc flashes can lead to serious injury, equipment damage, lost production, downtime and fines.Arc flash explosions are unpredictable, dangerous and can occur in any electrical equipment.

Our services are strictly based on the standards

EGSS can help protect your employees from these potentially lethal incidents. We provide various services on Arc Flash like:

  • Arc Flash Study

  • Arc Flash Risk Assessment

  • Training on Arc Flash

  • Arc Blast survey

Our methodology to conduct Arc Flash Study is 

  • Collect the system Installation and equipment data.
  • Determine the power system’s modes of operation.
  • Determine the bolted fault currents.
  • Determine the arc fault currents.
  • From the protective device characteristics, Find the Arcing Duration
  • Record the system voltages and equipment classes for each bus or arc hazard location.
  • Determine the working distance
  • Determine the incident energy
  • Determine Flash protection boundary for all equipment.
  • Protective device coordination evaluation for bolted fault as well as arcing fault.
  • Generate Arc Flash Hazard labels.

Outcome of Arc-flash study:

  • Identification of engineering controls to minimize arc flash risk

  • Determination of Safe work practices and PPE recommendations.

  • Identification of Arc Flash Boundaries (Prohibited, Restricted, Limited, and Arc Flash).

  • Personnel Safety

  • Reduction in production and property loss

  • Compliance to the standards

Know your Arc- Flash Boundaries and related risks.

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