With global committment to reach sustainable development goals by 2030, Sustainability has gained more relevance for businesses to integrate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles into their products, business models and strategies.

EGSS assists you in understanding the environmental impacts of your business that allows you to respond to the increasing market pressure driven by investors, consumers, the media, regulators and other stakeholders. Our goal is to be an impact partner and advisor on sustainability, climate, energy transition, and environmental, social, and governance.

Our Sustainability Consulting services, support you globally and in all sectors by helping you address your unique environmental performance needs. That means reducing risks, optimizing your environmental footprint along the entire value chain, analyzing your company’s current state, setting targets and monitor improvements.

Below is list of our services in sustainability divsion

  • ESG Services – IFC, World Bank, ADB & Other Financing Institutions
  • Environment & Social Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Site Assessment - Phase 1 and Phase 2
  • Energy Audits
  • Green Audits - NAAC Requirements
  • Environment Audits – Regulatory & Non-Regulatory
  • Sustainability Reporting - GRI, IIRC
  • Water Audits - Regulatory & Non-Regulatory
  • Waste Management