An organization cannot be sustainable without ensuring safety of its most vital resources. However, workplace safety is often underemphasized, or overlooked completely. Integrating safety into sustainability provides an opportunity to better protect workers and achieve a truly sustainable organization. 

EGSS provides safety services mentioned below for you as per the Legal and Organization's requirement:

  • Fire & Life Safety 

  • Audits & Trainings 
  • Fire Safety Projects - Fire System Installation and AMC, Fire Extinguisher Refilling and Maintenance  
  • Fire Load Calculations 
  • Fire Risk Assessment      
  • Independent Fire Safety Audits – Hospitals (NABH)
  • Fire and Emergency Drills
  • Fire Safety Designing 
  • Fire NOC – First Time and Renewals Consultancy
  • Trained Fire Safety Professionals Outsourcing 
  • Electrical Safety 

  • Thermography
  • Arc Flash Study
  • Safety Audits 

  • Road Safety