PCRN - Concept Note


This is an initiative from EHS Guru Sustainable Solutions Pvt. Ltd. who works in Environment, Health & Safety domain across India from past 3 years now. Vision is to bring together professionals and experts who support in this research on voluntary basis and take the advantage of knowledge sharing platform with focused interactions and discussions.


To conduct a focused research in a group for Post Covid Response by Business across all sectors primarily for office and industrial workplace. Identify and work on the processes and its details which will help in responding post covid situation by businesses in effective way considering Health, Safety and Environment perspective.


Initially there will be weekly con-calls to discuss and set the focus areas for upcoming week and sharing of knowledge by each expert to make a collective outcome of research.

  • Weekly con-calls
  • One-drive shareholder for document sharing
  • WhatsApp group for real time information sharing

Details of Professionals:

We shall have introductory con-call soon for knowing everyone in the group. Primarily this closed group has professional from following domains:

  • Medical - MBBS, MD
  • Public Health Researcher
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Environment, Health & Safety
  • Disaster & Risk Experts
  • Education & Healthcare
  • EHS & Social
  • Food & Nutrition


The outcome of this research network will be in the form of different set of procedure and technical guiding documents which will help in responding in post covid scenario by different types of workplaces.