Technical Due Diligence

Technical due diligence is the process of analyzing and evaluating the Engineering aspects of infrastructure, and processes in an organization prior to a Merger & Acquisition of a company or an investment in it.

It typically happens before fundraising rounds and Mergers & Acquisitions. These complex transactions necessitate a stringent due diligence investigation. Technical due diligence is a highly recommended component of the technology company investment cycle, whether you are a Private Equity firm, investment bank, or acquiring company.

EHS Technical Due Diligence for organization is to identify risks and prepare for a strategy to manage those risks focusing on health, safety & legal aspects related to Environment, Health & Safety. 

It is proactive approach which helps in Business Continuity Planning and boost confidence among people at workplace and all occupants by making everyone conscious about working towards mitigating all types of risks, thus leading to Risk Resilient Organization

EGSS has experts with professional experience of Technical Due Diligence. We have wealth of industrial experience on  Planning and Engineering Aspects of Technical Due Diligence:

  • Technical

> Under Technical aspect, we cover Infrastructure & Equipment of the building. Technical Due Diligence can be performed for all types of buildings- Industrial, Residential, Commercial, Institutional.

> Lifecycle Assessment & Operational Checks of EquipmentIn addition, we check Preventive Maintenance & its Efficiency 

> Reliability Engineering 

> Critical Equipment Management (CEM)

  • Process 

> Workflow and Operation , their efficiency.

> Plan and  Support System.

  • Pre-audit questionnaire
  • On   site   audit   
  • Document Verification
  • Taking photographic evidence
  • One-on-one/ group discussion with ground staff, selected at random.
  • Closing session 
  • Analysis of collected data
  • Preparation of Due Diligence Report
  • Submission of Due Diligence Report 
  • Follow-up on Closure

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