Statutory Returns

Laws on Environment Health and Safety comes with set of rules and regulations to comply with. We abide by the law and implement the applicable laws at our worksite.But what comes along with is “Statutory returns”. Government requires data of our implementation of rules and regulations to keep a check and record.

There is a long list of  Statutory returns based on the Laws and their requirements. For instance, Hazardous waste, E-waste, Accident report, Environmental Statement. These returns are filed in different forms like - Challan, Statements, Forms and so on to the different dedicated following authorities:

  • Pollution Control Board (PCB)
  • Fire Department
  • Electrical Department
  • Factory Inspector

Business owners often get confused with questions like:

  • What to send?

  • When to send?

  • Under which act?

  • In which form ?

  • To whom and where?

Not any more!

EGSS provides with a complete package of AMC - ANNUAL MAINTENANCE OF COMPLIANCES FOR STATUTORY RETURNSWe answer to all you questions and file all statutory returns for your business on your behalf.

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