Road Safety

Safe Ride. Saves Life.

Road traffic deaths and injuries have hit the world badly, But India’s road safety has the worst records.

In today's world road and transport has become an integral part of every human being. Every body is a road user in one shape or the other. The present transport system has minimized the distances but it has on the other hand increased the life risk. Every year road crashes result in loss of lakhs of lives and serious injuries to crores of people.

In India itself about eighty thousand people are killed in road crashes every year which is thirteen percent of the total fatality all over the world. Man behind the wheel plays an important role in most of the crashes. In most of the cases crashes occurs either due to carelessness or due to lack of road safety awareness of the road user. Hence, road safety education is as essential as any other basic skills of survival.

Our aim is to provide service on Road Safety to encourage safe Road behavior. Our Road Safety Services Benefits:

  • Road Construction Projects

  • Road Improvement Projects

  • Commercial vehicle drivers

  • Drivers employed in organization & public transport companies

  • Drivers of school buses, ambulances and other emergency vehicles

  • Forklift drivers in factories

ROAD SAFETY AUDIT- Approved by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways

The formal safety performance examination of an existing or future road or intersection by an independent, multidisciplinary team. It qualitatively estimates and reports on potential road safety issues and identifies opportunities for improvements in safety for all road users. We are approved by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways and conduct audit as per their Manual on Road Safety Audits: IRC-SP-88-2010.

The two motives behind Road Safety audit and improvement are:



Road Safety Audit (RSA) basically comprises of three (3) Stages:

Stage 1 - Audit during design and planning
Stage 2 - Audit during Construction
Stage 3 - Audit after the completion of the project


  • Safety Concerns with Remedial Measures and Recommendations considering the traffic/socio-economic patterns of Indian conditions.

  • Basic Data related to concerns

  • Reasoned/Detailed Audit Report

  • Explanatory Closing Meeting with the auditee


  • Standard driving practices

  • Required driving mechanics.

  • Understanding of Hazards and controls

  • Understanding the correct and effective use of vehicles

  • Types of hazards related to driving


We serve to make your Transportation and Work Journey Safe and Efficient.

  • Journey Risk Management: A planned and systematic approach to reduce transportation related risks. We perform Drive, Vehicle  and Route Check. So that you and your employees reach the destination safely

We help you in connecting with International SOS Assistance , active 24*7 worldwide to help you in any way possible.

  • Transportation Risk Assessment

  1. Vehicle Safety Inspection
  2. Driver Documentation and Fitness Inspection

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