Risk Management: Assessment, Planning & Training

Risk management encompasses the identification, evaluation and prioritization of risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor and control the probability or impact of unfortunate events or to maximize the realization of opportunities (As defined in ISO 31000)

EGSS follows ISO principles and method to perform Risk management.

In EHS, risk management is a way to identify potential safety, health and environment hazards and minimize their impact on your company. Foundation of an Organization and Growth of business lies in managing the risks at the right time and in a right way. Risk management leads us onto the Journey of Growth and Excellence.

Why Risk Management is Important for you?

Organizations with top notch compliance records are also facing accident and injury cases. Because regulations only define the minimum requirements your company shall meet.Other than that, growing climate changes and high stakeholder demands have shifted the approach where Risk management is equally important. It ensures:

  • Improves Risk Visibility

  • Priority to Life Safety

  • Cost reduction

  • Compliance and continuous improvement

  • Stakeholder Confidence

  • Competitive advantage

  • Business Continuity Management (ISO 22301)

What can be the possible risks you can face?

  • Enviromental risk

  • Safety risk

  • Health risk

  • Compliance risk

  • Climate risk

  • Management of change risk

We provide customized services of Risk management based on the Industry and its requirements. Our approach considers both Qualitative and Quantitative methods to perform Risk Assessment. However, High-risk industries like Oil, Gas, Chemical Industries rely on Quantitative Risk Assessment. 

Our experts are well versed with hands on experience on different tools and techniques to perform Risk Assessment like

  • HAZOP (Hazard Operability Analysis)

  • HIRA (Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment)

  • Risk & Opportunities (ISO 45001)

Our services are not only limited to Risk Assessment but also covers Planning and Training on Risk Management.

Our methodology of risk management:

  • Identify hazards

  • Determine who might be harmed & how

  • Evaluate & prioritize

  • Create a plan and train

  • Implement controls

  • Review & monitor


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