Legal Due Diligence

Legal due diligence is an investigation into a business by reviewing documents and interviewing employees. A legal due diligence investigation is completed when a business or investor is interested in buying a business or investing in that business.

A legal due diligence investigation is seeking information about the business to make sure that the investment or purchase is beneficial. The investigation seeks to reveal all important facts and potential liabilities. Once the facts are collected and analyzed, an informed decision can be made.

One must check if the client has any pending litigation under non-compliance of environmental law. Acquirer put efforts in understanding the health & safety standards compliance of the client.

When making a commercial real estate transaction, hidden environmental liabilities can be devastating, costing up to millions of dollars in some cases. If you’re about to make a major property transaction including a purchase, sale, lease, or refinancing, then legal due diligence will be a key tool for managing risks and avoiding liabilities.


  • Understand your business

  • Value a target company

  • Legal opinion

  • Drafting and negotiation

  • Identify potential Closing problems


  • Land Issues- ( Rehabilitation, Documentation )

  • Environment, Health & Safety Issues

  • HR & Labour Issues


Outcomes of Legal Due Diligence

The main area of focus is to understand the current status and know the consequences of the potential agreement.

EGSS performs legal due diligence in a detailed process starting from documents collection to comprehensive investigation. It gives both the buyer and seller the chance to scrutinize any legal risks, such as lawsuits, before closing the deal.

  • Review and Compliance Status of Environmental Laws

  • Review and Compliance Status of of Health & Safety Laws and Standards

  • Gap Analysis

  • Action plan for implementation

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