Green Audit

Green Audit is a process of systematic identification, quantification, recording, reporting and analysis of components of environmental diversity of various establishments. It aims to analyze environmental practices within and outside of the concerned sites, which will have an impact on the eco-friendly ambience

Green Audit is assigned to the Criteria 7 of NAAC, National Assessment and Accreditation Council which is a self-governing organization of India that declares the institutions as Grade A, Grade B or Grade C according to the scores assigned at the time of accreditation.

Why is it beneficial for Universities and Colleges ?

  • Determine usage of energy, water and other resources.
  • Determine type and volume of waste
  • Develop recycling projects and improvisation plans
  • Implement changes
  • Cost saving
  • Create health consciousness
  • Promote environmental awareness
  • Contribution to a sustainable future

The National Assessment and Accreditation Council, New Delhi (NAAC) has made it mandatory that all Higher Educational Institutions should submit an annual Green Audit Report. Moreover, it is part of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Higher Educational Institutions to ensure that they contribute towards the reduction of global warming through Carbon Footprint reduction measures.

Therefore, the purpose of the present green audit is to identify, quantify, describe and prioritize framework of Environment Sustainability in compliance with the applicable regulations, policies and standards.

Furthermore, there are several other audits related to Green audit like:

  • Energy audit

  • Environmental Quality Audit

  • Water Audit

  • Waste Disposal Audit

  • Health Audit

  • Renewable energy usage

  • Carbon accounting

We, at EGSS perform complete audit in 3 stages i.e. Pre- audit, On-site audit and Report preparation. Our efforts not only find ways to shield the environment but also recognize cost saving methods for our clients to minimize wastage.

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