Environmental Social Governance Services (ESG)

Environment, Social and Corporate Governance, are three aspects of assessing the sustainability and societal impact of investing in a business. ESG, partner of financial entity in wealth management and an important factor in business decisions.

Recent focus of European Union (Net-zero emissions by 2050), US SEC (Decarbonize economies by 2050) and India’s SEBI (Circular Issue, May 2021) on Sustainability and Business Responsible Reporting,  has heightened the Investment Banks , Companies and Consumers attention on ESG.

Socially responsible investing/Social investment /Sustainable investing, was once a niche approach, but now companies cannot afford to ignore it. Sustainable focused funds are on top in the market all over the globe. Big investors avoid stocks of companies which fail to comply with ESG standards.

Along with that GRI Standards are also advancing the practice of sustainability reporting and enabling organizations and their stakeholders to act and make better decisions that create economic, environmental and social benefits for everyone.

Companies are already experiencing the financial consequences of failing to act on sustainability as many countries have implemented regulations, such as carbon taxes, and the financial and banking sectors have integrated ESG rules into their funding criteria.

The only way stakeholders can avoid poor lending conditions and exclusion from capital markets is to show evidence of having developed robust sustainability and ESG strategies, identify risks during due diligence, capitalize on opportunities post-acquisition, and facilitate information disclosure in exit.

Ultimately, always remember that the most important thing about ESG reporting is not the report itself – it’s what you do with this information. The goal is to take practical and measurable steps that improve your company’s financial, social and environmental outcomes.





  • Integrating ESG into the business through ESG roadmap including relevant policy development.

  • Develop ESG management system framework.

  • Identify reporting standards relevant to business.

  • Screening of ESG risks and opportunities.

  • Define ESG governance structure.

  • Design customized ESG risk assessment tools.

  • Design data collection and disclosure systems.

  • Identifying existing and potential ESG liabilities and prioritization.

  • Design ESG action plan and function-specific Key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Implementation support.

  • Develop ESG/sustainability reports.

  • Assist in formulating ESG risk mitigation roadmap.

  • Design ESG linked financial instruments

  • Capacity building workshops.

  • Assist in market indices participation such as Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), etc.

  • Post deal support – setting up ESG integration systems and periodic assessments

  • Design product and services with E&S Impact

  • Design customised ESG training modules.

  • Conduct third party review and validation of risk management and ESG performance.

  • Third-party assurance of ESG disclosures

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