EHS Trainings- Environment Health & Safety Training

EHS Training is to educate employees on how to perform their jobs safely, effectively in accordance with legal requirements. The training enlightens them with the importance and well being of health and environment.

In EHS, some basic trainings are mandatory for all employees whereas some are specialized training courses for particular task. These trainings are provided at the time of hiring and as a refresher training as per the company’s and legal requirement.

What is the need of EHS Trainings ?

  • Safe work practices

  • To Maintain good health

  • Safe environment

  • Legal Compliance

EGSS has designed education programs covering all aspects of Environment Health and Safety . Our trainings can be conducted in both ways ON-SITE & VIRTUALLY. Our trainings cover Case Studies, real life experiences, references and Q&A sessions. 

EGSS provides CERTIFICATES of the trainings for record keeping and display. Duration of the trainings vary on the basis of the topic and content and on the need of our clients. We also conduct evaluation in the end to assess the understanding of our trainees. 



  • Environmental Aspect/Impact

  • Pollution Control and Prevention

  • Waste Management

  • Global Warming/ Climate Change

  • First aid training from Indian Red Cross, American heart Association (AHA) American safety and health Institute (ASHI),

  • Basic Life support,

  • AED training

  • Ergonomics Sessions For Office & Industries

  • Yoga & Health Session

  • Covid-19



  • Industrial Safety

  • Fire safety,

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Risk assessment

  • Disaster Management

  • General Safety

  • Electrical Safety

  • Office Workplace Safety

  • Chemical Safety


  • Construction Safety

  • LOTO Training

  • Permit To Work,

  • Work At Height

  • Incident Management & Investigation

  • Road Safety

  •  Defensive Driving

  •  Forklift Training, HOPT, BOPT Training,

  • Earthquake Safety Training

  • EHS Regulations

  • Internal Auditor & Awareness Trainings For Management Systems - ISO 14001-2015, ISO 9001-2015, ISO 45001- 2018

  • E & S Requirements As Per World Bank Requirements

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