EHS Due Diligence

A process that helps an organization to identify risks, limit liability and reduce the price of a transaction. It also provides the opportunity to identify future performance improvements. The true cost, value or impact of environmental, health, and safety management rarely appear on the financial statements of a business.

Assessing the EHS risks and implications of an owned or leased building is critical in assuring a safe work environment for all employees, contractors, visitors, and the public. And while EHS may not always have a seat at the table during the transaction itself, we certainly have a responsibility to understand and manage EHS risks that come with an acquisition, move, or expansion and a role to play in integrating the new property into the company’s EHS culture

Whatever the size of the deal, not investigating or understanding EHS risks can have major consequences for current and future regulatory compliance and scrutiny, community safety and acceptance, corporate reputation and culture, and business management and operations.

Our approach towards EHS due diligence contains following factors;

EGSS team of experts in the field of Environment Health and Safety provide services under EHS Due Diligence like:

  • Environment, Health & Safety Audits
  • Fire & Life Safety Audit
  • Regulatory Compliance Reviews
  • Risk Assessment

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