Compliance Assessment & Audits

Compliance Assessment is basically Gap Assessment, to identify gaps between existing abidance and requirement of the law.

Compliance Assessment and Audit is a platform where EGSS helps you measure the compliance of regulations, policy or standard. Statutory approvals and compliance with regulatory requirements are the minimum requirements mandatory to be followed during any business operations. It also helps in minimizing the risks related to safety, occupational health, and significant impact to environment

We assess the Compliance risks of your company to:

  • Reduce exposure to liability

  • Track compliance to legislations

  • Maintain public credibility

  • Ensure adherence to best practices

  • Continual Improvement

Why is it done?

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Compliance Check

  • Requirement of Client


  • Regulatory Compliance Audit

  • Legal Due Diligence

EGSS Methodology of Compliance Assessment and Audit:

  • Analysis of Regulations, Requirements and Applicability

  • Analysis of Activities

  • Desired Compliance Program

  • Actual Compliance Status

  • Gap Analysis

  • Improvement Actions and Recommendations

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